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Cocktail menu

Lychee Soju $8
Jinro Red and Calpico Lychee

Mango Soju $8
Jinro Red and Calpico Mango

White Peach Soju $8
Jinro Red and Calpico White Peach

Strawberry Soju $8
Jinro Red and Calpico Strawberry

Soju Caipirinha $8
Lime wedges muddled, sugar, Soju, and simple syrup. Served a in lowball glass.

Soju Mule $8
Lime wheel muddled, lime juice, Soju, and Ginger Beer. Served a in copper cup, and garnished with lime wheel.

Korean AMF $8
Pineapple juice, Soju, and Blue Gatorade. Served a in wine cup and garnished with a cherry.

Soju Lemon Drop $8

Soju Screwdriver $8

So-Mek $8

Soju Margarita $8
Soju, lime juice, simple syrup, triple sec, and sweet and sour mix. Served in a lowball cup, salt on rim, and garnished with lime wheel.

Soju Moijto $8

Lychee Sojurita $8
Soju, Lychee syrup, and Milkis. Served in a wine cup, garnished with frozen lychee and butterfly pea flower.

Soju Sunrise $8

Soju On The Beach $8

Squid Game Cocktail $8
Butterfly Pea Soju, Sprite, and lemon. Served in a drinking cup, and garnished with lemon.

Korean Horchata $8
Soju and Milkis. Served in cocktail glass.

Cojinganmek $8
Coke, Soju, and beer.

Soju Cosmopolitan $8

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